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  1. Your former Presidency Goodluck Jonathan, is not the only one whom has stolen assets from your country. Email me and I shall provide you with mails on each and every individual whom should be accounted.

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  3. I have always enjoyed reading your newspaper. I have however noticed of late that the quality of writing has decreased. There are typographical and grammatical errors appearing in the paper. It seems in the last few weeks the proof reading has gone to the way side. Please do what you can to help stem this tide. Thanks.

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    Global 3000 a think-tank group based in Germany predicted that by the year 3000AD much of black Africa will still remain largely in darkness. Superficially, meaning that many parts of the continent will still not be connected to power grid and more revealing is that in 985 years’ time black Africa will still be grappling with issues of under-development.
    It is pertinent to critically consider the factors that could have made this group of intelligentsia to come up with such conclusion.
    Probably, they have reasoned it out that in few hundreds years’ time the dark continent’s natural resources would have been used up or would have no economic value for the Siemen and GE of this world to have something to exchange for their services. Thus, by 3000AD all these foreign companies would have packed their bags and bagages and leave the black people to their fate.
    Another critical factor is the development of the mind which in fact is the basis upon which the development of the society is built. Consider this piece of information and imagine how the mind of an average black African will process it in contrast to that of an advancing mind. “In a ghastly road accident several people lost their lives” A typical black man’s response is thus: Thank God am not involved, i pray such thing will not happen to me and my loved ones. Compare this to the response of an average white man: That’s terrible, the appropriate authorities should investigate the cause and do the needful to ensure this does not happen again.

    The pertinent issue raised by these two responses is that black Africans are still mostly concerned about the welfare of their immediate family even for individuals who hold leadership positions in government and business. They hardly see the development of the society as their uppermost priority. But the advanced mind of the white people know that even if you keep all the wealth for the society just for your family members alone, it does not guarantee your children or grand-children will not die in penury. They have realized that in this game of capitalism, there will always be winners and losers. So, the onus is on all the members of the society to create a “floor” below which no one can fall. This “floor” can be raised as the whole society progresses.

    This can only be done when selfishness has been eliminated from the thinking pattern of the members of such society. While wishing the new African Development Bank president Dr. Akinwunmi Adesina all the best in his pursuit of lighting up the continent, he should know that mechanism has to be put in place to change the way black Africans think so that the prediction of the Global3000 group does not come to pass.
    Omolade Onifade 08054641929



    As I plunge deep into Japhet J. Omojuwa’s article titled ‘Nigeria: The Unforgivable Abuse of Our People’ published in The Punch Newspaper of Wednesday, September 9, 2015. I couldn’t agree less with Omojuwa’s submission when I heard Femi Adesina, the president’s adviser on media and publicity while speaking on the Osasu Show on AIT on Monday, September 14, 2015. As I watched the show, I continue to laugh within and felt pity for those misinformed youths in the studio putting questions to Adesina on youth unemployment and what the president has as his plans. Even with the clear evidence of how our youths, who were recruited by a presidential committee in May, 2015, are being treated with blatant disregard and impunity, Adesina still had the guts to spew lies of behemoth measures on how President Buhari will even somersault policies to create jobs for Nigerian youths.

    It is the highest form of unforgivable abuse to our youths when Adesina said the president recognized that the majority of our populations are youths and that about 60% of these youths are unemployed and that the president is so concerned that he would do anything to reduce this scourge of unemployment. He went further by saying that when a certain Manufacturing Association on Nigeria visited the president; he (Buhari) told the session he is willing to discard/review any policy in as much as it will create jobs for youths. In fact, Adesina further confirmed that Buhari keeps saying that any policy that will support jobs creation for the youths, he will support – OMG! What a humongous and copious lies from a bottomless pit from a respected man from the media. To quickly put it this way, I want to ask Adesina, if Buhari was so concerned that he would do everything to reduce youth unemployment, how come under the same Buhari’s watch; our youths, who were recently recruited by a presidential committee in May, 2015 into the Nigeria Immigration Service, are being treated with deliberate disrespect, abuse and indefinite suspension by a CDFIPB Board and the Ministry of Interior and yet he (Buhari) sits comfortably at Aso Rock Villa without calling them to order, only to be vowing in the media to support any policy that creates jobs for the youths with Femi Adesina assisting him to speak from both sides of the mouth?

    To imagine that this country is rehabilitating some Thirty Thousand (30,000) former militants through the payment of monthly stipends (about a Hundred Thousand naira monthly pay) and some skills acquisition programmes in various institutions both in Nigeria and choice destinations abroad, spend thousands of dollars to send Pilgrims to Mecca/Jerusalem, recruit thousands into the Army and DSS, pay millions of dollars to legislators for wardrobe allowace to mention just a few, without complaints of paucity of funds, is a slap on the face of those young Nigerian youths who were recruited into the Immigration Service by the last administration and who have spent their money, time and energy criss-crossing the length and breadth of this country; risking their livesin the process, to get this job only to be suspended indefinitely afterwards due to bickering over who is superior between the Immigration board and the Presidential Committee. How insensitive can PMB be to the plight of these youths and just like Omojuwa concluded; what a better way to raise the middle finger on the entire population of youths in these country by our leaders. Will Femi Adesina claim he is not aware of this when he appeared on the Osasu Show on AIT? Why then is he joining in the deception, given clear evidence? I think I respect Adesina more than what I heard from him on the Osasu Show.

    Imagine, since May this year, former militants, including those studying abroad on government scholarships have been complaining that their allowances have not been paid, went ahead to organize protest marches to demand quick payment of these allowances and President Buhari did everything possible, because of fears that the militants may resume their nefarious activities, to quickly resolve their grievances and yet the same president who promised doing everything, including policy support/somersault to create employment for the average Nigerian youth is watching while some Two Thousand (2,000) youths willing to serve their fatherland are being battered and maltreated over what is no fault of theirs by an Immigration board they put there through a collective will and their president cannot intervene.

    The Questions remains:

    1. Why did the Civil Defence, Fire, Immigration and Prisons Board and the Nigeria Immigration Service not put their house in order before allowing the recruitment exercise to take place?

    2. Did young Nigerians force them into conducting the recruitment? Or has it now become a crime for unemployed youths in Nigeria to see vacancies advertised and then apply? Must they always suffer consequences after applying for jobs some Immigration board thinks it should have been allotted to their persons rather than a fair-process selected young Nigerians?

    3. When the Immigration Board knew they want the vacancies allotted as they did in 2012 with that woman CGIS (Rose), why did they deceive innocent youths by short-listing them for appointment and sending them on a mandatory 3 months induction into the service, allowing them to spend their monies, lose their petty jobs, went through harrowing experiences of death when they knew all along that the recruitment was a federal government scam and would be suspended indefinitely according to their wish?

    4. Why impose an indefinite suspension without any directive to the affected persons on a recruitment process they were made to believe in and which was conducted by a legitimate government, we gave our mandate in 2011?

    5. Why is President Buhari, who has promised to sustain and not invalidate any policy of the past administration that supports employment creation for the youths, not happy with the process as recently claimed by Abba Moro, when it is obvious to him that the process was put in place by President Goodluck Jonathan to employ Nigerians through a fair process?

    6. Does this whole blame game by the Ministry of Interior, the Civil Defence, Fire, Immigration and Prisons Board and the Nigeria Immigration Service as to who conducted what and who was not carried along in the process not constituting gruesome, callous and an outright disregard/insensitivity to the sufferings and the pains of the affected persons who have been caught in these web of power tussle and leadership impunity/failure?

    7. Is this not a blatant disregard to the free flowing tears and sorrow of our youths and more insult to the fresh injuries of the 2014 Abba Moro-Youth-killing recruitment exercise?

    In as much as I appreciate President Buhari’s effort to sanitize this nation with the various policies he is rolling out, I beg him in the same vain to please consider these newly appointed youths and spare them of the aftermath of frustration, despondency and restiveness that may follow the revocation of their appointments. If President Buhari is really committed to creating jobs for these teeming youths, and will truly maintain any Jonathan’s policy that support job creation and will even somersault any policy to get our youths employed as acknowledged by Femi Adesina, then this is the time to use his influential leadership style in addressing the uncertainty looming over the fate and future of these young people, by using the mandate many of these youths gave him, to confirm their appointments into the service.

    I wish to say herein that I voted for Buhari during the elections and I love his approach all these while, but if he fails to consider these young Nigerians/remedy their plight by using their case to prove to all Nigerian youths that all he is saying about supporting all policies that provides employment for them is genuine, then I may no longer be happy with his regime henceforth.

    All the same, I still call on every well meaning Nigerian out there to speak against this impunity against Nigerian youths {two thousands (2,000) of them). Do not to settle back and watch these youth suffer in silence without anybody to talk for them. I call on all our Governors, Senators, Honourable Representatives of the Nigerian people, Legal Aids Council, Civil Society Groups, Social Activists and Advocacy Groups, The Vibrant Nigerian Media, The National Association of Nigerian Students, The Nigerian Bar Association, The National Human Right Commission and many others who have not been mentioned to please help bring this issues to table with the government. You will do those vulnerable youths out there great humanitarian service if you assist in taking this matter up and bringing it to an adorable end, where everyone will laugh and heave a sumptuous relief.

    If you love the Nigerian youth and against any form of impunity against them, please share this gory story of blatant leadership impunity against Nigerian youths with everyone you know in order to create the awareness for our brothers and sisters whom these injustices are being meted out on. As youths, the time has come for us to talk about the many injustices against us by our leaders; we must take our destinies in our own hands; we must tell our government what we want and what they are doing wrongly against; we must have a peaceful say on how our affairs are directed in this country. The selfish wish of the Civil Defence, Fire, Immigration and Prisons Board should not override the destinies of two thousand (2,000) Nigerian youths; we put them there through our collective will and we can call them to order through our joint actions too. It is these people today; who knows, it may be you tomorrow.


  7. Muyiwa says:

    Dear Editor, your contact emails bounce back. I need to get across to you. Thank you.

  8. Ben says:

    For over two years now, my private number (+233244856806) has been on your contact list. Why it is so, I do not know and why you haven’t discovered that you have a strange number as part of your contact list shows how CARELESS you are as a news agency. FOR THE LAST TIME, I AM ASKING YOU TO TAKE IT OFF. I DO NOT WORK WITH YOU AND I AM NOT INTERESTED IN RECEIVING CALLS ON YOUR BEHALF

  9. Ezekiel says:

    I just want to inquire if there is a platform for your web users to write their articles for publication just as you do with the Comments pages in the hard copy newspapers. If not, will suggest you provide one so we can read people’s articles online.

    Thank you.

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