Published On: Fri, Jun 6th, 2014

‘We produce cement according to customers’ specifications’

Responding to the festering controversy in the Nigeria’s building materials market that is centred on cement standard and categorisation of its use, Lafarge Cement WAPCO Nigeria has disclosed that its plants have the capacity and expertise to produce any standard and category of cement required by its customers.

Recall that the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), as part of effort to prevent building collapse, has directed stakeholders in the building industry to use type 32.5 cement for plastering and 42.5 for concrete making, respectively.

Speaking at a recent picnic organised for its clients in Ewekoro, Ogun State to mark Democracy Day, Joe Hudson, CEO, Lafarge Cement WAPCO Nigeria, disclosed that the cement manufacturer, which has been producing quality cement worldwide since 1883, had always improved on its production capacity and expertise, saying: “Absolutely, no fear about the usage of our cement.”

Hudson, who was represented by Sam Ndionayenma, general manager, sales and customer services, also tasked professionals in building and other related construction work to adhere strictly to the ethics of the profession and support cement manufacturers in the fight against the usage of sub-standard building materials for the safety of the people and nation.

Hudson emphasised that the findings of the laboratory and research department of the company had been responsible for the new set of cement products produced and introduced into the Nigerian building material market to prevent cases of building collapse and for the consumers to have better satisfaction and value for their money.

“There have been a lot of discussions on incidents of building collapse, professionals and all investigations carried out, nothing has been traced to cement. For us, we’ll continue to stay professional, educate the users because it is important for them to know what they are buying and to use them appropriately,” Hudson said.

Corroborating him, Lanre Opakunle, general manager, industrial performance, explained that the company cement was of international standard, and building the nation on strong and lasting foundation in terms of structures, roads and bridges remained the focus of the company.

“Lafarge is one of largest cement producers in the world; there have been products we have produced, the buildings that had been built are still standing. For road construction, we have actually designed a product, RoadCem, that would be cement-based that can be used for a lot of roads being constructed in Nigeria that would be able to make them be more durable, unlike what we have today.”



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  1. onuigbo says:

    This is another damage control by Mr.Joe Hudson of Lafarge compnay in Nigeria. The issue here is proper labeling of products.When did companies, specially Lafarge cement company in Nigeria starting producing cements based on customer needs? This is this company’s way of rubbishing the SON as though it(SON) did not know what it was talking about the corruption in the industry of bet and switch in pricing, selling cements without stating what what they can be used for in construction etc. The company has to come clean instead of defending its past bad practices.

  2. Yinka says:

    You absolutely right, SON DO NOT know what they are doing or been compromised. There are many component that make up a sound concrete element, cement is one of it. Obviously, SON knows more than all other advance countries such as USA that only has 2 major type on concrete with 33Mpa cement. It is not true that using 43 will produce a better concrete block than 33. Everything about concrete is the mix design to meet the 28 days compressive strength. It is like a person need 5 gram Aspirin and NASDAC recommended 20 gram for all.

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