Published On: Mon, Mar 17th, 2014

Venezuela warns airlines not to cut flights amid debt woes

President Nico¬las Maduro on Friday warned airlines not to limit flights in and out of Venezuela, a day after reports a Colom¬bian airline was reducing services to Caracas amid industry complaints of bil¬lions of dollars in unpaid debts.

“Airlines have no ex¬cuse to reduce their flights to Venezuela,” Maduro said during a press con¬ference.“If airlines reduce (flights), I will take severe measures.”


Airlines have struggled to obtain dollars in ex¬change for the bolivar currency as a result of long-running delays in Venezuela’s 11-year-old currency control system.

The International Air Transport Association this week said that airlines are owed $3.7 billion and that some are considering halt¬ing service to Venezuela.If an airline leaves the country, it’s not coming back while we are in gov-ernment,” Maduro said, casting the airlines’ com¬plaints as part of a wider “economic war” against his socialist government by political foes and busi¬nesses.

Maduro also said, how¬ever, that his government would pay debts to the airline industry.

Avianca Holdings, op¬erator of Colombia’s big¬gest airline, on Thursday told travel agents it will cut flights between the countries’ capitals to one a day from three as of March 20.

Avianca will suspend flights between Caracas and San Jose, in Costa Rica, as part of an effort “to match supply to mar¬ket needs” and reduce the number of seats avail¬able between Caracas and Lima, Peru.

The company’s chief executive said that cur¬rency controls had made it difficult to bring ticket revenue worth about $300 million out of Venezuela.

German airline Luf¬thansa said this month its 2013 financial results took a double-digit million euro hit from payment issues in Venezuela.

Maduro said on Friday that various airlines round the world were ready to step in and cover any unfilled routes. “They’re asking for permission to cover flights to Colombia, Panama, Central America and South America,” he said, without giving more details.


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  1. David J. Schainberg says:

    What is amazing to me, a country like Venezuela has twice the amount of oil that Dubai has and as opulent as Dubai is that is how poor the people of Venezuela are.

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