Published On: Fri, Jan 24th, 2014

First Nissan made in Nigeria car out April

Baring any hitches, Nigerians should begin to witness the result of the Federal Government’s automotive policy early this year as Nissan says it’s first made in Nigeria car will be rolled out this April.
Carlos Ghosn, the chief executive officer of Nissan Motors, announced this at an interactive audience granted by President Goodluck Jonathan to him (Ghosn) and representatives of Nissan’s partners in Nigeria on the sidelines of the ongoing World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, Thursday.
Nigeria is a major market for most cars manufactured in Asia, Europe and America with statistics from the Nigerian Automotive Manufacturers Association (NAMA), the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics (NBS) and United Nations Conference on Trade and Development indicating that a total of 400,000 vehicles (300,000 used and 100,000 new) valued at N550 billion (US$3.451 billion) were imported in 2012 alone.
President Jonathan had, while introducing the new Federal Government automotive policy, last year, declared that the automotive industry when fully operational has the potential of creating 70,000 skilled and semi-skilled jobs along with 210,000 indirect jobs in SMEs that will supply the assembly plants.
The Nissan Motor Company, makers of the Nissan brand of vehicles, quickly keyed into the project and announced that it was willing to set up automobile plant in Nigeria, in an industry that is capable of creating another 490,000 jobs in the raw material supply industry.
Ghosn informed President Jonathan that Nissan Motors is now ready to “roll-out the first made in Nigeria 4 X 4 Utility SUV in April this year using the old Volkswagen assembly plant owned by its partners”.
Ghosn, who said that it was possible to produce two to three million cars in Nigeria annually with the consequent creation of thousands of direct and indirect jobs, told the president that Nissan intends to increase its investment in Nigeria and establish its own vehicle production plant in the country.
He also applauded the Federal Government’s new automotive policy, saying that it would encourage the inflow of investments and technical expertise to boostdomestic vehicle production.
“We are interested in producing popular cars, totally adapted to the needs of Nigerians”, he said, adding that the company also plans to bring its global suppliers to make vehicle components in the country.
President Jonathan told his guests that a key objective of the new policy was to make new cars affordable to more Nigerians.
The president, in his response, noted that his administration is fully committed to rapidly developing Nigeria’s automobile industry through the diligent implementation of the country’s new national automotive policy.
“The only way to reduce the preponderance of second hand cars on our roads is to produce good quality cars with affordable pricing locally”, the president said.

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  1. Eddie says:

    Sounds good and welcome but at what cost will the vehicles be delivered? Will they be competitive enough to enable cost savings over imported models? If not should government policy not allow global competition so that the poor can still own cars from cheap sources overseas?

    • Nkoli says:

      Good observation Eddie, considering the competitive nature of the global market the Nigerian government needs to put in place policies that will enhance global competition if the Nigerian brand must grow. I am not just looking at cheaper cost of these vehicles or a price war between the Nigerian brand and other global brands; however, I believe the sustainability of the Nigerian brand is in its ability to compete side by side with global brand. The success of Nigerian brand lies in its ability to sell in the global market and not reserved as a local content.

  2. John says:

    It’s good and a well conceived idea or programme. However, there is a big BUT. That is, will the personal and selfish interest of the would-be management and initial stakeholder not override the economic benefits of the establishment to the people. What problem(s) do we have with PAN and V/Wagen that made it impossible for it to be restructured and/or rehabilitated all these while. So, let it not be an avenue of settling a person or group of persons. Consistency of production is necessary since it is obvious that the basic raw materials are not available in the country; the investment costs will run into millions, if not billions of Naira. The Government should therefore take this business venture very serious.

    • barone says:

      This is a great opportunity. Nissan will be bringing in their funds , i dont think they will be setting up plants here and will watch it fail. the case of peogeot and former vw nigeria was a case where it was the Nigerian Government that invested its fund in those ventures and that is why they failed. i knew of one or two md’s of peugeot Nigera then who practically looted the scalp off PAN’s head and brought it to where it is today. Havin Nissan set up a plant in Nigeria is a dream come true, this will in effect drive places like Ajaokuta to wake up cos, where there is demand, you will surely create the supply.

  3. Nelson says:

    I simply think this is encouraging for Nigerians and to the world at last. Mafe in NIgeria Nissan cars. Also creat alot of employment and develop technical skill among the youth and others. I truely will be looking forward, come april in seeing thoes cars. Hope i try and get one for my mum. First made in Nigeria Nissan car. God bless this country

  4. shaibu says:

    This is another big WAIVER headed Nigerians way… All those so called assemblers are lying to the people that they are manufacturing… They are not manufacturing a thing, all they are doing is assembling and I assure every watcher of this scam that is about to be visited on Nigerians by this Indians in Nigeria, that they have just found another way to bring in this cars in bits and pieces and not pay a dime to the government of MUMU Jonathan, then sell ever one of those cars for profit to unsuspecting Nigerians.
    only God will help our darling country from the grasp of those Indians and Lebanese thieves who are just pillaging our economy at every turn…

    • barone says:

      Oga shaibu, did you read the write up at all? abeg wake up

    • chidi says:

      Adamu or what. Ever they call u,so u mean that u feel that we should stick with direct import rather than either assembling or manufacturing that will provide jobs for our timing unemployed youths?.No wonder your be ruled this country for over 30yrs with nothing to show for it

  5. Nnaemeka says:

    Wow, thats a very gud idea but I will advice Gudluck to hand this project to peopl who will not mismanage it, and we still need steady power supply…. Thats a lot of employment oppurtunity.

  6. Emadedor O. Joseph says:

    As a matter of fact, our dear President is highly promising to our country-nigeria. The dominant problem facing us long before now is ‘overdependence’ as contrary to ‘diversification’ of this economy. President Jonathan Goodluck is focused and Godsent. Let’s go together with him, Great Nigeria people !

  7. theo says:

    A good initiative?….time will tell.

  8. David says:

    Shaibu, your language is raw. Must you use insultive words before you can drive home a point?

  9. Ugonne says:

    a welcome development .we just hope that this will reduce employment.Let them just match words with action…what of power supply?

  10. Ike says:

    It sounds good, but have you ever wondered what happened to the previous assembers. This plants cannot operate with generators and still make profit. Ask PAN or VON.Government should concentrate on steady power supply and evreything else will fall in place. Why is that so hard to do.

  11. mike says:

    Good policy. Let see how it goes

  12. Samuel says:

    This is viewed as a good development for our country Nigeria, with lots of hope and prospects,President and His cabinet should not stop at that, three (3) or more other automobile companies should be encouraged to immediately take up this venture most importantly Nigerian multimillionaiars or else we will find ourselves at the loosing side in the game or exploited,these people are here to make money. there is likely to be monopoly, considering the big sledge hammer the Federal government slammed on importation of vehicles.

  13. Tim says:

    It is a sign of relief and indeed a fall back to very solution to nigeria pproblems so more of this should be done and we the Nigerian people will not exhitate to patronize the initiative I love this news so let’s live the Nigerian dreams.

  14. evans says:

    Long live the federal republic of Nigeria, long live President goodluck Jonathan.
    That will be the first car I will love to use made in Nigeria car. A car produce by my own country, am proud of this development. More Grace Mr President

  15. Bola says:

    Can’t wait! Well done

  16. Sabur says:

    Good idea, only if it can be implememted well. I would also love the government to let Innoson grow too, cos it is a Nigerian company from the scratch. GOD BLESS NIGERIA.

  17. Ben says:

    Nice one Mr President, I just hope the policy will be enforced and our indigenous manufacturers like Innoson encouraged. If all Government cars are bought only from local manufacturers, this will help that sector grow and show the seriousness of the government in growing our economy

  18. amedu omoyebagbe says:

    Just ensure that a competitive process is used during the recruitment of those that will manage the plant.

  19. Engr. frank says:

    I thank mr president for his good decision,it will help to tackle un employment in our country to reduce a little,and please someone should help me to locate the place of the manufacture so that I will go there and search for job .or can reach me on 08039396222 mr frank.

  20. Chuma says:

    If properly implemented, this is no doubt one of the many sound policies and efforts aimed at developing our beloved nation in recent times.

    Be prepared for a new Nigeria!! Nigerians who can’t see beyond ethnicity, corruption and violence will have no place in it.

  21. pj says:

    I thought we went through this in this country before. Where is Leyland Ibadan, Steyr Bauchi, ANAMCO Enugu and even VON and PAN in Lagos and Kaduna respectively. How many Nigerians can a car assemnly plant employ. Finally, how much will a Nissan SUV like the Pathfinder cost as opposed to how much it was in the(good) days of tokunboh.

  22. JustMy2Cent says:

    Okay it is a good idea. But this is above it’s time. There are definitely a lot of things that need to be fixed first. THERE ARE BAD ROADs, there is traffic . Making Cars cheaper how is it going to help if everyone can afford a car. Traffic is bad as it is. This is going to have a ripple effect of good and Bad things. Insurance is going to go up. Mechanics are going to have more fixing. How does the law help in all this if it is non existent . To me it is a beautiful idea but not what we need right now . Even if it creates jobs. Are people educated enough to Get these job. Traffic light are getting better. Speed limit? It could lead to increase in accidents and deaths. Robbery can increase. What has the government done to check all these. Not just in big cities. To me this is just a fat check going to someone .

  23. olumpa says:

    I hope it will be globally recommended not just for Nigeria only but to other countries.

  24. chiboy says:

    if I must say I remember early 70’s when Peugeot came out we all heard d same stories now where re they?

  25. Can I buy car from you ppl

  26. mike says:

    It is a very stupid ideal,lets Jonathan be the first person to buy this car for himself and idiot people in his goverment.They just want the best cars for themself and very bad nigerian car for the People,thats was,what i noticed.

  27. Abdul says:

    Good for our country and hope it will not be same story as cement made in Nigeria for Nigeria that sells for X 3 the price compare to other countries

  28. Adex says:

    I Hope Is not only Assemble In nigeria guess they will ve power to ignite it and the leaders IN nigeria Should be the 1st people to buy such a car,
    God Bless

  29. Dapo says:

    This is not what am expecting from that country. The government should try and fix the electricity ,roads, and good security first before anything else. That’s my own opinion.

  30. Moby says:

    Don’t be afraid, people.. there are enough cars for everyone.

  31. Eche okanche says:

    good day please send me moor information about Nissan I buy and sale and I love Nissan cars thanks

  32. Ayodeji says:

    Is like we are now tired of waiting, or is there anu hidden information? Please! somebody should guide me. l need to buy this car now.

  33. ayodele yomi says:

    Nice one 4rm GEJ…bt pls let terms b plain as possible to avoid breakdown alond d way(parking)…

  34. Christian says:

    Waooo i love made in nigerian car may d Lord help us to keep moving on in Jesus name

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