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The Obasanjo Letter

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A summary for business executives

In the knowledge that the issues evoked in the historic 18-page letter by former President Olusegun Obasanjo may be glossed over, especially in the outpouring of cynical reactions, defiant remarks and rebuttals, the summary provided below captures vividly the critical issues raised and offers a concise synopsis for easy digestion.

18 Responses to The Obasanjo Letter

  1. obasanjo is a mad man that have no interest of nigeria at heart, he is not a good leader in the sense that a good leader when leaving office installs a like mind to continue his legacy. did he do it? no. He talking about corruption, is he a saint?? obasanjo is dangerous when it comes to nigerian unity.

    phillip Noble
    December 13, 2013 at 11:42 pm

  2. This forum (businessman online) is more civil than the adjective used in your response. I agree with you however that Obj and PDP have not and may never get their leadership succession mechanisms right.
    Whatever parameter used, GEJ had more goodwill than OBj at the start but he squandered it at the altar of indecision. The interpretation is a lack of capacity. I love him though and wish he could just rise up to the occasion. The righteousness of God shall prevail in Nigeria. Amen.

    Michael Mobolaji Lawal
    December 16, 2013 at 9:50 pm

  3. This is probably the most accurate analysis of Nigeria’s problems. While obj isnt a saint(i doubt he calls himself one). In this regard he has stated issues that are troubling nigerians. We have a president that is out of his dept, who hasnt put together a single economic policy. And whoes main objective is to get relected 2015.
    Obj did well in his comments, elders arent suppose to be praise singlers and political jobbers, i only wish we had such comments – more offten and devoid of tribal sentiments.
    I will be happy if any1, can state a national policy GEJ has executed. Not to say obj is a saint, but the financial, telecom, oil industry, are were they are as a result of his presidency. GEJ had all the goodwill when he came in, and he has blown it.

    December 17, 2013 at 6:43 am

  4. People forget so soon that OBJ paid off our $40bn debt, left $45bn foreighn reserve. Paid for over 7,000MW Gas Turbine that has been in PH Ports sinse 2006.
    OBJ mean well for for Nigeria. GEJ so far is more interested in 2015 than service to our Country.

    Izedomi Ohirein
    December 18, 2013 at 10:36 am

    • That power thing, is absolutely out of place. The said turbine does not exist., and I hope you are not confusing the Odili’s power turbine as been purchased by OBJ (FG). Have you forgotten the $60B spent on power by OBJ for which we have nothing to show for it? OBJ is highly tribalised. OBJ ruined Tinapa, by setting up non-viable EPZ in Lagos to compete with Tinapa just because Tinapa is from the south. He put in place policies that did not favour Tinapa leading to the ultimate death of Tinapa. No single project by Donald was liked by OBJ. And the Rotimi that has become his favorite son was never liked by him. How did Celestine get the PDP ticket in the first place. It is because OBJ never wanted Rotimi to get there. OBJ is a horrible hypocrite.

      January 3, 2014 at 9:56 am

      • No Sir, The 11 Gas Turbine from {GE. France}are Still at the PH Ports since 2006.Only 2 has been moved to Alaoji.

        Izedomi Ohirein
        January 10, 2014 at 10:18 am

  5. OBJ created EFCC & ICPC. He allowed them to function better than we have seen since 2007 he left office.
    OBJ started Marbila, Geregu, Alaoji, Omotosho, Evboho, Papalanto Power Stations if completed would mean more power to Nigeria.
    What has GEJ done since 2007 or 2010.

    Izedomi Ohirein
    December 18, 2013 at 10:49 am

    • Look at the distribution. Obviously a tribalised one.

      January 3, 2014 at 10:00 am

      • Sir, Mambila HPawer alone would be 3,9600MW when completed. The rest are not more than 500MW each. Alaoji is in Abia State, Evboho in Edo.
        Papalanto & Omotosor are in Ogun & Ondo States respectively. They not far from the current Gas supply channels.
        OBJ also planned 300MW Thermal Pawer Plant for Abuja & Zungeru Hydro Plants. All these Pawer projects has been fraustrated since he left office 2007.

        Izedomi Ohirein
        January 10, 2014 at 10:48 am

  6. There are many platforms for OBJ to air his grievances in a more potent way. One of such platform is the council of elders meeting – where all former heads of state and the sitting present hold a close meeting. OBJ’s letter is a coup manifesto simple. He wrote that Letter as a PDP member while he was busy offering her daughter APC’s senate ticket.

    The National Conference that GEJ has the nerves to allow will neutralize these FEW men who has been manipulating and sucking Nigeria dry for decades.We can’t wait for the dialogue to start.

    December 19, 2013 at 10:08 am

    • The open letter platform to the Nigerian People is above other platforms.
      Janathan has no right to repeat OBJ mistakes or wrong doing.

      Izedomi Ohirein
      January 10, 2014 at 11:07 am

  7. The focus of all patriotic Nigerians at this point should be how to help GEJ steer the ship of state out of this murky waters. OBJ has played his part-history will judge his effort. Let us all encourage GEJ to seize the moment and begin to address these issues. It might even help his re-election if he succeeds at them.
    Note however that GEJ will be judged by a standard higher than that of OBJ-(law of progressive governance), because he inherited structures that only required strengthening, goodwill that needed simple motivation of the populace to buy into his programmes and a host of competent citizens to choose lieutenants from.
    If one woman could sanitize our foods and drugs administration to the extent that the results are reverberating upto Senegal, we won’t require men from space to solve our problems.
    GEJ must be committed spiritually to fighting corruption to be able to make serious impact.
    He must intensify efforts in every area where Nigeria is getting it right and sectors where Nigeria has comparative advantage.
    He does not need to dissipate energy running after political opponents. That will take him off-course.
    He must allow his performance to decide his re-election, that way he will not be tied to anybody’s apron.
    Nigerians are not foolish they will reward service in a free election.
    Be bold take up the challenge.

    Michael Mobolaji Lawal
    December 22, 2013 at 1:43 pm

  8. My adverse he must desed re-election perpomes to do better for this time i wish the all the best.

    December 27, 2013 at 8:53 pm

  9. I read somewhere that President Jonathan was castigating former Nigerian leaders for not being like Mandela.
    He has the opportunity to be one, but will surely not take it: for instance fighting corruption, and forgetting Third Term.

    abdullah musa
    December 30, 2013 at 10:42 am

  10. OBJ is very passionate about Nigeria. Is administration brought about a lot of positive development for Nigeria. He was ruined by his choice of successors, who he hand picked to checkmate his then deputy.

    However, GEJ has gotten more than he bargained for in terms of the security challenges and the loss of the support of a key political figure like OBJ. His commitment to Nigeria is not in question.

    Before their letters became public, their private communication, had obviously, gone sour. No one seems to notice that the the wonderful relationship they once had couldn’t have evaporated without a cause. What went wrong?

    We may not have all the details but as always in Nigeria, we may never know what transpired.

    Let’s keep work for the unity and progress of Nigeria. Enough of divisive statements.

    January 1, 2014 at 8:45 am

  11. OBJ letter has been in the public arena. He did not research any point apart from snipers which I have doubts, because I reckon that GEJ does not have the guts. The Oct 1 celebrations are in Aso Rock. The military HOS will take mandatory salute: Asawadat of Egypt died during a parade. GEJ is a victim of goodwill as he could not match the expectation of a country desperate for change. The much delayed privatisation of the power sector and the not foreseeable improvement of power is a testimony of the our below par political engineering. I pray for strong 2015 campaign based on issues and not sentiments. Lest I forget, referring to our elders and elder statesmen with abusive words portray us with absence of home training.

    January 6, 2014 at 5:54 pm

  12. Obj is aggrieved, unrepentant dictator whose ego ranked as Ex-President know it all. Two times President, two times Commander in Chief, Two times PDP Leader as HoS and BoT chairman. He is above advisories of sort and a flawless MR PRESIDENT EXPLAIN. Even out of Aso Rock, his fallen luciferic angels met at Otta to launch a booklet – MR PRESIDENT EXPLAIN – courtesy Dora and his anointed followers of demoted, down-trodden and defected second term Governors; The very action itself is a treasonable offence, this why even late Abacha threw Obj in dungeon. These main reasons of defection by the Governors are for purposes of occupying higher political looting/maladministration to escape EFCC probes as occasioned by immunity clause. If GEJ had failed technical OBJ must have failed many times as his mentor and political father; much more the defected PDP mathematically must have consistently attained failure rates at geometrical proportion. Obj reformed telecomm (GSM), privatized Eleme Petrochemical, grow GDP when a barrel rosed to $149, fight corruption positively and politically as well – this goodoos for Obj). He did not succeed in Energy (PIB), Power, Agriculture, Education, Privatization of Refineries. GEJ made inroad to Power PHCN privatization even NIPP started by Obj, also working on Energy (PIB). GEJ fixed Fertilizer racketeering and commercialization of Agri. GEJ made great in road in pay rolling/Pesion systematization resulting elimination of Ghost Workers and massive pension fraud. GEJ would be much harder on his second term, just as any other president on term where the occupier would not need re-election. Govt is continuous process, and should be well guided by the players. Do to men what you would them do to you.

    January 8, 2014 at 8:54 pm

  13. Pa Obj is our legacy. We need to tap from his experience and wisdom. He was active and decisive when he was President btw 1999 and 2007. Pa Obj show case Nigeria all over the world. He makes us to be proudly Nigerians.
    >He remove us from debtor nation, his policy transform the economy
    >Banking Sector we are all enjoying ATM, better service delivery in our banks,
    >Telecommunication 2001 – 2006. Telecommunication with low tarrifs now; even though we abuse Pa Obj when the telecoms sector was being privatized, we all enjoyed detribalized telecommunication today pay less with internet penetration,
    >Revolution in University admission achieved through NOUN flexibility;
    >Positive transformation of NTA stations to the extent that NTA transmit 24/7;
    >Establishment of NIGCOMSAT to arrest capital flight and thus put Nigeria among the competing nation in Satellite Technology thus generate employment – 1st and only in Africa.
    > Employment of over 4 Million youths in Police, Military and Federal Ministry, Pa Obasanjo is the best President Nigeria has ever had. There are more security challenges during Pa Obj regime than now ranging from Sharia to Militants menace, Egbesu in the east, Bakasi palava, OPC in the West, Fuel crisis all over the country etc. how he surmounted those challenges and still hold the country and left office without adding a second to his time is laudable. (It is to be noted that before he left office he was blackmailed on 3rd term project however I give kudos to Pa Obj for his rare discipline displayed.
    > Pa Obj was able to hold Nigeria together for the 8 eight years peacefully, despite worse condition he took over in 1999.
    >He made Nigeria to be stronger economically through his campaign against corruption by establishing and backing ICPC and EFCC.
    >He repositioned Military and Police to face challenges. His achievement cannot be swept under carpet by any libelous and scandalous ploy by opposition and mischievous people.
    > When President of Sao Tome/Principe was in Nigeria for meeting, there was Military Coup-de-tat in his country. At the close of the meeting Pa Obj restored the Visiting President back to his seat in Sao Tome- this is a rear feat.
    > There is need to give kudos to the initiative of former President Obasanjo on Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS) and to advise State Government and Private Firms that have refused to join the scheme to do so now. The initiative of CPS has reduced the plight of pensioners esp. the FGN workers bcos FGN workers under CPS are getting their gratuity within six months and monthly pension regularly through the Pension Fund Administrator (PFA). This is not to say that CPS is perfect, there is room for improvement in CPS in the area of blocking of loopholes where the regulator failed to do their work, and increase in return to pensioners. But my overall assessment is that, the CPS scheme has come to stay and has solved problem of long wait by pensioners. I will advice the state government to embrace CPS now in order not to create more problems for pensioners in their various state and country in future. Long live fmr President Obasanjo for CPS
    > Rail sector has been transformed and is now working through Obj Policy. I commend GEJ for allowing its continuation and replication of same rail project along the eastern flank of Nigeria.
    > It also to be noted that Pa Obj introduced National Health Insurance Schemen (NHIS) in Nigeria and it is now yielding fruitful result in health sector through development of core health care facilities whereby participants and their relations in millions now enjoyed medical attention. It also arrest capital flights as surgery previously sought abroad are now carried out in Nigeria. I expect Nigeria Medical Association to give awards to regime in this regard. Almighty Allah has used Pa Obj to achieve many thing at a time. There is need for us to thank God and acknowledge the good thing He has done through Pa Obj in our lifetime.
    > Pa Obj also saves money for Nigeria through creation of foreign reserve from $0 in 1999 to $67Billion in May 2007 when he left office. There has never been any other regime that saves such for Nigeria. What is the position of the foreign reserve now? Does it mean that we no longer earn income?
    > In the area of Power sector – Pa Obj met the mess of NEPA like other sector such as Nitel etc in 1999 and identified it as critical sector that is bedeviling the country’s development and paid adequate attention with action to solve the problem. He initiated the policy of privatization and challenged his critics to come out with alternative solution which they never did. Pa Obj awarded thirteen Power Generation Plant contract and paid up. Two of the Power Generation Plant were completed and commissioned b4 he left office leaving the remaining eleven under various stages of completion in 2007 for his predecessor. He ensure that pre-paid meter was introduced and being used in identified areas as planned by the operators. Users of such prepaid metering are living witnesses. He was blackmailed immediately he left office through malicious power probe which could not yield any findings. Pa Obj has been vindicated today through revelation in the power sector. While Power Sector Road Map rolled out by GEJ is laudable, its implementation left much for desire. After series of postponement PHCN (NEPA) was said to have been privatized on 1st November, 2013, as at date noticeable changes has not been felt by consumer which is an indication of general failure.
    > In the area of petroleum products, Pa Obj through increase in price of Petrol deregulate the downstream sectors and created direct and indirect investment in the petroleum sector, we are able to enter filling stations easily all over the country to buy fuel which was not so in 1999 when he became president. Pa Obj also built reservoir for fuel that can last the country for three months. It is to be noted that he sold govt. refineries to enable investors come into refining of petrol in the country in order to stop importation of fuel, however the policy was reversed and thus Nigeria progress in petroleum refining was reversed.
    > Pa Obj is the 1st President of Nigeria that identified good citizen of Nigeria working abroad doing a good job, invite them to assist Nigeria economically. Pa Obj was able to identify Okonjo Iweala, Eze Ezekwesili, Soludo etc from World Bank. These men/women were paid in dollars and Pa Obj was sued for paying his Ministers in foreign currency. Today, Nigeria is better off with these invitees.
    Pa Obj should be honour with Prof. of Economics and Investments.
    There are numerous achievements which this space is not enough to contain.
    GEJ should tap from Pa Obj experience and wisdom. If GEJ allowed hoodlums to hijack him and to use him against Pa Obj, GEJ will have himself to blame at the end of the day as the hoodlums will disappear as they have always done and heap the blame on GEJ at the end. Family members of GEJ should talk sense to him b4 it is too late. GEJ can still retrace his step as it is not late now. Now is the time. It is worthy to mention here that no one regime can solve all human problems. In fact, there has never being a time human is satisfied with all Almighty God has given to human above all other creatures hence we continue to pray and ask for more. Therefore, any person(s) still blaming Pa Obj after he had left office almost 7 years ago is just being mischievous. GEJ is at the helm of affairs now and should be held for any lax in the Management of Affairs in Nigeria.
    It is not late if GEJ can retrace his step and come of his shells and shun political jobbers. Meet Pa Obj (like a Biblical prodigal son) who has treaded the path. Seek advice and follow it. Experience are not sold in the market rather it is acquired. GEJ will do himself good if he can tap from experience of Pa Obj thus avoid going through mistakes other have made. Nigerians need radical changes not transformation on paper and media.

    Iba O
    January 9, 2014 at 5:32 am

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